Holly Pivec joins us today for an in-depth look at the New Apostolic Reformation, particularly as represented by the likes of Bill Johnson at Bethel. Who is this man and what is this “reformation” they speak of? Even the first part of the name, “New Apostolic” should set off alarms, but a reformtion? Is it a cult? We will talk about the who, what, how and why of it. We also take a look at what we might call the “gateway drug” of Bethel and Hillsong: the music arm of these churches, which has spread the doctrine of NAR far and wide to untold numbers of churches around the world. The teachings of NAR aren’t particularly new, considering the Latter Rain Movement of the 1940s and the Kansas City Prophets of the 1980s, but as with anything that the church refuses to be discerning about, it never goes away and just spreads, particularly in the computer/internet age. If you know of anyone caught in the web of NAR this is for you.

Her new book, “Reckless Christianity” can be found here.

“Counterfeit Kingdom” can be found here.


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