Pete Garcia: Around the World in 60 – Black Swans, Elections and the Sun Sets on the Kingdom of Man

by | Jan 12, 2024 | 2024 Elections, AntiChrist spirit of the Age, Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Donald Trump, Election Fraud, Elections, Globalism, Government, Headlines, Israel, Podcast, US Economy | 0 comments

We welcome Pete Garcia back today and get his perspective on major events in significant hot spots around the world. In 2 Peter 3:4 we read that scoffers use the argument that “all things continue as they have been” which in nature is true. Where humans are concerned nothing could be further from the truth. Prophecy students have a general outline to follow, but unbelievers have no idea what’s coming. Nevertheless, some are anticipating what is called a “Black Swan event” – which by definition is a rarity that comes out of nowhere and subsequently causes great upheaval and change – and increases governmental control if manipulated. Believers are looking for the rapture – the ultimate Black Swan if there ever was one, of which humans have no control. Politically speaking, it could be the cancellation of elections, a limited nuke event, or comprehensive Middle East war. Good thing God is on the throne! A timely hour with Pete who has his finger on the pulse. Please be sure you subscribe/follow our YouTube channel.


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