Replay – Sean Patrick Tario: Big Tech, Ai Mass Surveillance, 5G, EAS Frequencies, App alternatives

by | Jan 15, 2024 | 5G, AI, Android, app, Artificial intelligence, Bible Prophecy, Big Brother, Christianity, EAS, End Times, Globalism, Government, Hegelian dialectic, Mass Surveillance, Media Bias, Podcast, tech audits, Technocracy | 0 comments

[Orgianal air date 10/2/23] Guest host Crash Connell (station operations manager) visits with the founder of Sean Patrick Tario is a father, husband, entrepreneur, seed stage investor, author, community organizer and Christ loving patriot seeking and sharing Truth in Love.

After 15 years as an entrepreneur and executive for various high tech companies in Silicon Valley, Sean has dedicated the last few years of his life building infrastructure, companies and networks that will ensure those who stand behind their Christian, Conservative and Constitutional values are not cancelled from doing business online. One of his current ventures,, is the home for the Ghost Phone and Ghost Laptop which afford customers the ability to remove themselves entirely from the Google, Apple and Microsoft ecosystems and surveillance systems.

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