John Haller: The Great American Eclipse; the Food, Energy, and Economic Collapse

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Antisemitism, Artificial intelligence, Bible Prophecy, Big Tech, Christianity, Climate Change, End Times, Globalism, Government, Israel, John Haller, Podcast, Prophecy, Science | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen welcomes John Haller back for a round of in-depth prophecy news. We start off with the Great American Eclipse and why people seem positively giddy about this event. Even the church gets drawn into the madness with date setting and connecting questionable dots to Jewish feasts. We also talk about transitions in the food industry, energy sector, and currencies. What in the universe is holding all this together at this late hour?  Finally we chat about Israel, Hamas, the peace (piece) process and changes in the global military landscape with drone tech. Always a fascinating hour with John.  His weekly updates can be viewed on YouTube on the Fellowship Bible Chapel channel (FBC).



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