Headline Day: Globalist Sponsored Fear; Progressive Sponsored Bible Program; The Future of Money

by | Apr 25, 2024 | American Church, American Politics, Bible Prophecy, CBDC, Christianity, Economics, End Times, Liberalism, Mass Surveillance, Medical Tyranny, Pandemic Propaganda, Podcast, Progressive Politics | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen sorts through the headlines this week, and wonders out loud about a variety of issues. Will the Republicans risk more chaos by booting Johnson? Now what did he do, and why are we financing Ukraine again? Then it’s on to a disturbing “bible curriculum” that is about to hit the churches that are susceptible to un-critical thinking – “The After Party”. Who is behind it, and what do they hope to accomplish? Nothing good for those still in churches who aren’t going to stop calling abortion murder and addressing other amoral issues of the day. Then we will look at the bird flu mania, and attending propaganda designed to scare us all half to death, while the vaxx takes too many the rest of the way. Biden and the Gates Foundation team up for plandemic surveillance; and finish up with the global cbdc push. All you can eat headlines today on Stand Up for the Truth.


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