John Haller: End Games – Israel, the Economy, the Election

by | Jun 6, 2024 | 2024 Elections, Antisemitism, Christianity, Economics, End Times, Globalism, Israel, Podcast | 0 comments

Prophecy expert John Haller is back with us to discuss how the world can generate such a volume of news and still not tell us the whole story. We take on Israel and Biden’s need to leave a Middle East peace legacy, like so many presidents before him. Is it new? No, it’s the same old same old Oslo roadmap that leads Israel back in time to 1967 borders. We talk about elections, and how 50% of the world will elect a leader this year. Even the EU will attempt to maneuver 750 Parliament seats. What effect will this have on the globe at large? A large one and in these times, likely generate a lot of significant changes. If Mexico can elect a liberal Jewish female, all bets are off everywhere. We will discuss the economy in terms of the dollar, the banks and a general future mess coming soon. The waves of the sea are tossing and we are all getting a little woozy I think.


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