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Don Veinot

President, Midwest Christian Outreach

Don and his wife, Joy, formed Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc. (MCOI), in April 1995 with about a dozen other like-minded people as a home mission, with an emphasis on bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cultists. MCOI’s mission is to give clear answers, and a solid defense of the orthodox biblical faith, to all types of unbelievers — atheists, agnostics, as well as members of cults and new religious groups such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, the International Churches of Christ, and so on.

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Mike and Crash continue to look at how Christianity in America is failing, some would say collapsing.  The clearest sign is how the secular culture is infiltrating the Church instead of the Church affecting the culture. 

This morning, we look at the facade of church growth and how Christianity is increasingly irrelevant in America and even in the lives of many professing Christians.

In the first segment, Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach joins us to discuss how a United Methodist Church in Chicago offered a strange Christmas celebration focusing on the Islamic account of the birth of Jesus from the Quran while ignoring the biblical account.  We also look at how the Occult is subtly influencing how many professing Christians look at God.



Occultism in the Church? (Part 1)

Understanding occultism hinges on the fact that it is not like “cult,” “new religion” or “world religion.” In fact, the phrase “the occult” is itself misleading. It is misleading; because by saying “the occult,” one gives the indication that occultism is a singular entity—a monolithic category that is easily distinguished in reality from “the cults” or “world religions.” In fact, “occult” is better understood as an adjective rather than a noun. That is, “occult” is descriptive (be it of Satanism, Christianity, or anything in between) and comes from the Latin term occultus meaning “secret” or “hidden.” It refers to the presence of secret or otherwise hidden knowledge and powers.

These secrets can be further divided into three broad categories of occultism: divination (fortune-telling), sorcery (magic), and spiritism (communication with spirits).


A Very Muslim Christmas