Mike and David read your questions and comments, but open with a commentary on the disgusting actions of the State of New York that will kill more babies and American Christianity’s collective cowardice in standing up for the lives of unborn children. 

When “The State” thumbs its nose at God and proudly passes a law that will murder more children created in the image of God, and American Christianity Churches continue in their ringing silence and failure to stand up for those children, is the “church” becoming part of the problem rather than the solution?


One problem I see with American Christianity is “love” includes acceptance and accommodation, and so many believers don’t confront sin because “God is in control.” Hope you can address this.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is calling for mandatory education for four year-olds through early school programs. What is he up to?

Sadly, our church has been a host site for Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit for years and several families have approached them with concerns, but they are doubling down and sticking with this secular-progressive movement.

Our daughter wants to know if our pets will be in heaven. How do we explain this to her?

How much of today’s gender issue has to do with the fact boys are being raised to think there is something wrong with men?

        What are some of the essential teachings of the Christian faith and what things might be secondary?

        How do we respond to our atheist son who said he cannot believe in a God that would allow sinners as bad as a child molester to repent and go to heaven?

       In your opinion, are denominations a good thing or a bad thing as a whole?

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Transcript of Mike’s Opening Commentary:

This week, the New York Senate passed a bill expanding the murder of innocent children, allowing abortion to be legal right up to the moment a baby is ready to be born. So just seconds before a child bursts forth from its mother’s womb the mother can decide to kill the baby instead of birthing it. And perhaps the most disgusting thing I have ever seen was a video of a standing ovation by proponents in the New York Senate after they passed this horrendous bill. There are three things I would like to share with you to bring this into perspective:

First in Florida if a person owns ocean front property, they can be fined and even imprisoned if their night lighting is too bright because it might affect a turtle egg. In other words if your night lights on your property at all disturb the hatching of a single turtle egg, causing it to not be born, you can be fined and imprisoned. But in the United States of America you can murder a child in the womb without any fear of law, and in many instances the government will actually pay for the murder of the child in your womb. We have reached such a state of depravity in our nation that a single turtle egg is held in higher regard than an innocent baby in its mother’s womb.

Second the New York Senate action raises this question: Under law if a child’s head comes out of its mother’s womb and you stick a pair of scissors in its head you are guilty of murder. But if you do the same thing just seconds and inches earlier while the child is still in the birth canal it is legal and applauded by Liberals. Can anyone explain to me how in any way, shape or form this makes sense?

Third, I read an interesting article from the Gospel Coalition the other day warning about letting “politics invade the pulpit”.   Of course the article did little to distinguish between purely political and spiritual issues. And therein lies the problem of American Christianity. We sit back silently as children are murdered by the millions in our nation and say nothing because we don’t want “politics” to divide the church. Immigration, taxes and size of government are political issues; the life of a child, marriage and gender are clearly spiritual issues that God has weighed in on in His Word. But in American Christianity’s zeal for church growth in nickels and noses she is willing to cower and not speak out against the murder of innocent children, the unbiblical redefining of marriage, and the scourge of “gender dysphoria” leading our children to spiritual confusion, depression and suicide.   And because American Christianity values growth and compromise more than truth churches are not questioning why self-professed born-again Christian continue to vote for political candidates who promote the murder of children in the womb and advance an ungodly agenda of sexuality and gender.

Several people I meet shake their heads when they see the growth of immorality in our nation and wonder how it can be happening.

How can people applaud the passing of a bill that expands the murder of innocent life yet also outlaw the death penalty for murderers?

How can people celebrate the things God hates?

How can a group of grade school Catholic School students be falsely accused and condemned by the entire media even though the evidence shows they did nothing wrong?

How can people send death threats to the students, parents and teachers of these children just because they showed up at The March for Life?

When people ask me these things I point them to Romans Chapter One where, because people reject the truth of God, He turns them over to a reprobate, evil mind to believe and do unthinkable things. See to people of a reprobate mind their own actions make perfect sense—because they are approaching literal insanity! They honestly believe what they do and stand for is righteous and moral.

More is the pity.