Mike and David read and discuss listener comments and answer questions from the last couple weeks.

Surveys indicate a growing number of professing Christians think they are going to heaven but will instead be condemned according to Jesus.  And as the world around us grows more and more evil and depraved, many churches in America seem unwilling or powerless to speak out against it.  This silent approval is leading people into a system that will one day bend a knee to “Caesar” and deny the truth of Christ. I cannot remain silent as more and more churches sell out to the world and lead millions into a false sense of eternal security.  The watchman’s duty is to warn the people of coming danger.  Pastors and church leaders are to be Watchman.  They may shrug off this calling, but I will – by God’s grace – fulfill that command.

Click here for a transcript of MIKE’S OPENING COMMENTS: “Why I am So Passionate”



  • Should Christian church leaders hold their members accountable for unbiblical beliefs about creation, abortion, and same-sex “marriage”?
  • It is a sad day when our president stands up for the unborn, but so many preachers sit back and say nothing.
  • We have a responsibility to speak into another Christian’s life about biblical truth, but need to remember the Holy Spirit does the convicting, not us.
  • When turtle eggs are protected classes but babies are murdered in the womb, the end must be near.
  • Why don’t more Christians and Americans see the signs of the times and what is coming?
  • Persecution of Christians in the U.S. is imminent so why not start more home churches before it gets worse?
  • The National Association of Evangelicals has become a shill for social justice advocates.
  • Is the damage done to our nation by liberal ideology so destructive it is irreparable?

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