Jesus was the master of asking the right questions to reveal the hearts of men and expose their hearts and their bad thought process.  On our Listener Comments and Questions podcast, Mike shares a conversation he had with a man who was defending a woman’s “right to abortion” and justifying it with God’s Word.  We’ll discuss how we can master the art of asking the right questions to get to the real heart of any matter.

We are also very excited as Mike’s new books are now available through Aneko Press as well as Amazon. Mike opens today’s podcast talking about why he believes investing in his new books. (All proceeds support Stand Up For the Truth Radio) It is crucial to help Christians recognize and refute the Satan’s deceptions that have taken over the world and are infiltrating a growing number of Christian Churches.



  • What do you think about aborting babies that have deformities?
  • Don’t become too jaded about the church in America and don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.
  • Can you please share some thoughts on end times questions such as timing of the rapture?
  • When we look at the big picture of our nation submerged in godless liberalism, it may be time true believers prepare for persecution.
  • President Trump supporters excuse him for past personal behavior while liberal Democrats hate him and take the words of liars as “gospel.” This exemplifies the division in America we are seeing.
  • I’m sorry, but worship at church should not resemble a rock concert. Imitating the world is not God’s way.
  • What is the best Bible version to use? I have Bible Gateway App on my phone and they’re all available.
  • I’d love to hear you discuss the trend of people starting home churches, thanks!


Today’s best comment: (shout out to Frank!)

“We have lost the ability to understand the difference between essential and secondary doctrines for believers. We prefer to argue over the timing of the rapture and remain silent over core spiritual issues like life, sexuality, and gender. Christianity in America has become an individual thing instead of a body of believers unified around truth, love, and grace.

We pick and choose what Jesus and the Word means to us instead of wresting with His word and finding universal truths; …We have become a stubborn, independent, scattered flock who cannot recognize our Shepherd’s voice anymore…”


Mentioned: Link to purchase all three of Mike’s books for $32.99