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Pastor Randy White

Rev. White is the founder and CEO of Dispensational Publishing House. He also teaches Bible online through Randy White Ministries, and pastors the Taos (NM) First Baptist Church. Rev. White hosts an excellent Thursday evening Bible Study online that you can do here.

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Dr. White’s Ask the Theologian broadcast

In what we call the Great Commission, Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples and teach them everything He commanded. Doctrine (‘doctrina,’ Lat.) simply means “teaching.” In Acts chapter 2, the foundation of the early church was the teaching of those apostles. Without a solid foundation of accurate biblical doctrine, a church becomes more like a social club.

But doctrine has almost become a bad word in a growing number of churches, as if doctrine is automatically “divisive” and “unloving.”  In reality, biblical doctrine is the foundation for Christian unity and love. Pastor Randy White joins Mike and David to discuss the importance of sound biblical doctrine.

There could be dozens, but theological doctrines are typically divided into 10 areas:

  • Bibliology – the doctrine of the Bible
  • Theology Proper – the doctrine of God
  • Christology – the person and work of Jesus Christ
  • Pneumatology – doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • Angelology – doctrine of angels and demons
  • Anthropology – the doctrine of man
  • Hamartiology – the doctrine of sin
  • Soteriology -doctrine of salvation
  • Ecclesiology – the doctrine of the church
  • Eschatology – doctrine of last days