Here are some of the things we discuss on today’s  program:

“In essentials unity; in doubtful matters, liberty; and in all things charity.” This has been shared by Christians for centuries and there is some biblical wisdom in it. But churches and denominations have grappled over what are the essentials and non-essentials of the Christian faith. What do you believe are the non-negotiable essentials of salvation?

Skillet’s John Cooper rightly calls out apostates and watered-down doctrines that have produced weak Christian leaders, but some believers say Skillet’s music is not even Christian and criticize them for playing secular rock festivals. (Chime in on our Facebook page!)

  • How to stay pure and disciplined as a single Christian, especially while dating
  • The proper balance of grace and truth when we share the gospel  of repentance
  • Could the ‘man with all the answers’ (Anti-Christ) be alive today and waiting in the wings
  • Why are some pastors and Christians denouncing “White Supremacy”? (serious Christians don’t support it)
  • A retired teacher is appalled at the decline in education and morality in culture
  • Will culture keep shifting to the point religious freedom will become a thing of the past?
  • Do aliens exist or are people seeing demons in the spiritual realm?
  • When our nation forgot it is God who gives us our rights, things got messy quickly
  • Kudos to Todd Nettleton (Voice of the Martyrs) for raising awareness about coming persecution