Kevin Sorbo: Overcoming Cancel Culture, Censorship of Conservative Views

by | Apr 20, 2021 | American Church, Big Tech, Hollywood, Media Bias, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Religious Freedom | 1 comment

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TODAY on Stand Up for the Truth, David Fiorazo welcomes Kevin Sorbo to discuss cancel culture, independent films, religious freedom, Hollywood and the Left’s war on Christians, free speech, and common sense!

KEVIN SORBO is an actor, producer, author, speaker, and cultural commentator, and is is known for his many TV and movie roles including Hercules: The Legendary Journey’s, Andromeda, God’s Not Dead, What If, Let There Be Light, and the newly released 2021 film, The Girl Who Believes in Miracles.

Kevin is married to author and actress, Sam Sorbo, they have three children and live in Florida. They encourage believers to not give-up, but to shine for Christ, work, and to fight back against the intolerance of the Left.


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