David Fiorazo: Our God Cannot Be Canceled – But They’re Trying!

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Author, media contributor, and host of Stand Up for the Truth, David Fiorazo shares about his brand new book, Canceling Christianity, the censorship of Christians and conservatives, and threats to our freedoms we never thought we’d see in America. He also touches on recent news stories including vaXseen deaths, big tech tyranny, and extreme media protection and promotion of Joe Biden.

CANCELING CHRISTIANITY: How the Left Silences Churches, Dismantles the Constitution, and Divides our Culture

Canceling Christianity is about the battle for the heart and soul of America, the spiritual conflict we find ourselves in, and how the forces of darkness, both human and demonic, are behind today’s progressive “cancel culture.” As we’ve watched major institutions be hijacked by godless philosophies, cultural Marxists, globalists, and extreme leftists, Fiorazo shows us how to identify the evil in our midst, and reclaim our country and our churches. A clarion call for believers who don’t want to stand by and watch America disintegrate into the abyss, this is a timely and relevant message for today’s church.

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING…(back cover)

“David Fiorazo is on the cutting edge of helping us understand the battles we face, and his book is required reading for those navigating the difficult times we find ourselves in.” -DR. ANDY WOODS

“With the culture and even some churches disintegrating before our eyes, we need ‘watchmen on the wall’ sounding the alarm. David Fiorazo is one of those watchmen!” -JAN MARKELL

“Men inspired by God made America great. Yet, we have grown complacent and now shun our founding principles. Fiorazo not only outlines the present crisis but gives us a blueprint for fighting back.” -STEVE SMOTHERMON

“In Canceling Christianity, David Fiorazo offers an honest assessment of why we must engage the culture and how to begin moving from silence to strength in the battle for hearts and minds.” -HEIDI ST. JOHN

ENDORSEMENTS & TABLE OF CONTENTS HERE – (from Pastor Carl Gallups, John Haller, Matt Trewhella, Gary Kah, Dr. Jake Jacobs, etc.)

Ads were REJECTED by Facebook for “political or social issues” before the book was even published! 

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