For the First Time in America History, Public Prayer is Prohibited on the Grounds of the U.S. Capitol Building on the 4th of July

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A Christian minister was denied the right to conduct a peaceful prayer vigil and worship service at the Capitol after he was told his permit would not be processed because the U.S. Capitol grounds were “restricted.”

Rev. Patrick Mahoney applied for a permit from the U.S. Capitol Police Board in which he sought to hold a, “Prayer vigil and worship service on the 4th of July as we ask God to bless and protect our nation. On America’s birthday, we will be praying for God to preserve and protect our freedom!”

Speaker Pelosi and the U.S. Capitol Police Board continue to keep the grounds of the U.S. Capitol closed to peaceful First Amendment activities and free speech even though other business is still going on at the Capitol.  Members of Congress and their staff are entering and using the Capitol. Vendors, the media and their crews, invited guests, lobbyists and so many others are also allowed to enter and use the Capitol grounds.  Sadly, peaceful First Amendment events are prohibited.


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