President Donald Trump never had total control of his administration. His election in 2016 was the political equivalent of a D-Day beach-head at Normandy and we MAGA troops flooded in behind him to help push back the Nazis. It was one bloody step at a time against the full might of the Uniparty deep state war machine. By the 2020 election he had fully secured only about half of the Executive Branch, but like Rush Limbaugh, who boasted of having “half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair,” President Trump was able to do more with half an administration than any other president in our lifetime.

President Trump’s greatest challenge as the Commander in Chief of the America First army was the lack of truly conservative leaders with sufficient government experience to draw from for appointments, and so he had to make do with the available bench. He did the best he could with what he had, but what he had was a rogues-gallery of mostly mercenaries, double agents, back-stabbers and opportunists. For every high-profile Fifth-Columnist like Tillerson, Pence and McConnell there were a hundred others in the shadows. The few truly good conservative loyalists did the real work under constant enemy bombardment and the fear of being sabotaged from behind. And yet, it took the combined might of the entire globalist cabal to cheat Donald Trump out of a second contiguous term.

As is true for all of us, Donald Trump’s greatest strengths have a flip side that could be exploited by the masters of manipulation who populate the realm of “intelligence.” These are the CIA/KGB/MI6 types who orchestrate coups and targeted assassination campaigns and are always engaged in three-dimensional geopolitical chess with their foreign counterparts using us “little people” as pawns and cannon-fodder. In the fallout from the 2020 election fraud, and Biden’s use of the FBI as his own private Stasi, we’ve started to see past the curtain into that world.

In my view, President Trump’s greatest strength is the ability to balance core America-First principles and traditional Judeo-Christian morality with “realpolitik” pragmatism to get the best possible deal consistent with his values in any given context. He is above all else a deal-maker. He can’t be “bought off” in the normal political sense as some allege, but he can be trapped in a no-win scenario in which the “best possible deal” is the “lesser evil.” I believe that is exactly what happened regarding the Covid “vaccines.”

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