Scott Schara: Controversial, Unnecessary Death of Our Daughter Due to Hospital Protocols

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TODAY’S GUEST is Scott Schara, a Wisconsin man who experienced firsthand the controversial hospital treatment of his daughter, Grace (19), who also had Covid but died due to the combination of questionable medications administered by hospital staff as well as the faulty decision to label Grace DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Scott is here  hoping to prevent more unnecessary deaths, warn others, and to share what he has learned.

Scott is back with an update on the case of his and Cindy’s daughter, Grace, who had Down Syndrome and passed away last October. She died at a ‘COVID hospital’ after a doctor labeled her DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) against the family’s wishes, and then proceeded to overdose her on Precedex, Lorazepam, and high Morphine doses within a 30-minute window. These meds should never be used together according to warning labels (black boxes) on medications. 

“Grace had been receiving appropriate doses of ivermectin when she began facing Covid symptoms on September 28th, but with decreasing oxygen saturation levels, Grace’s family felt it was best to visit St. Elizabeth’s (Appleton, WI).

The attending Emergency Room doctor suggested that Grace be admitted to the hospital for 3 days, potentially a week. Grace’s father, Scott was by her side standing as an advocate for her medical rights but he was removed from the hospital by an armed security guard that Sunday.

Grace’s family had refused ventilation five separate times, trying to prevent hospital protocol from dismantling her chances of recovery. The hospital, in retaliation to Grace’s family refusing ventilation, decided without consent from the parents to label Grace “Do Not Resuscitate”, prescribing her high doses of morphine and multiple sedatives.


BIG Announcement from Scott coming within a few weeks!!!

Grace’s GoFundMe page


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