David Fiorazo, JB Hixson Q & A: Doctrine, Spiritual Warfare, Worldview, Prophecy, Morality

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Today, we have a special podcast featuring a Q & A recorded during David Fiorazo’s recent trip to the Colorado Springs, Denver area. The event took place at Plum Creek Chapel, where J.B. Hixson pastors (He is a frequent guest on Stand Up for the truth), in Sedalia, CO. 

David Fiorazo is an author, associate pastor, media contributor, and radio personality. He has been involved in the broadcasting industry for over thirty years, and in Christian ministry for over twenty five years.

JB Hixson (Not by Works Ministries) has several theological degrees, is the author of nine books, and has contributed to theological journals. One of his many great books includes Getting the Gospel Wrong.

Some of the topics addressed by JB Hixson and David Fiorazo on this Q & A include: spiritual warfare, lukewarm churches, what percent of pastors are teaching the whole truth of Scripture, will we see revival, why is the CDC s powerful today, global government, antichrist media, the biggest concern believers have today, parallels between the COVID shot and the Mark of the Beast, and much more!


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