Bill Cook and Stephen Mannion: There’s A Time to Preach & A Time to Fight! ACTS 5:29

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TODAY’S GUESTS: Bill Cook (VA) and Stephen Mannion (NY).

Stephen Mannion is the pastor of Faith United Methodist Church in Lancaster New York. Stephen Mannion is a member of “Liberty Pastors” and the founder of the Western New York Company of The Black Robed Regiment. Bill Cook is Executive Director of America’s Black Robe Regimenof Virginia, a clergy-led movement of Christian “Minutemen” committed to restoring the Foundations of Liberty in America, and the Pulpit’s Founding legacy.

We discuss the ACTS 5:29 Statement pastors and elders can sign declaring they will keep their churches open when government tries controlling worship or shutting down churches again. We address forgotten history of the “Black Robe Regiment,” the Johnson Amendment, growing movement of patriot pastors who refuse to back down from lies of the enemy and threats to religious freedom.

During the recent COVID-19 “pandemic,” representatives who were elected to secure our God-given rights, clearly transgressed their lawful authority in executive action that prohibited public meetings or mandated the wearing of masks and “social distancing.” God’s word directs us “not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together.” (Hebrews 10:25) This verse is a Divine injunction. We must obey God rather than the arbitrary decrees of men.


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