JB Hixson: Misinformation and Deception; Ai Comes of Age

by | Jun 6, 2023 | American Church, Artificial intelligence, Bible Prophecy, Christianity, Deception, liberal media, Mary Danielsen, Podcast | 0 comments

JB Hixson talks to Mary Danielsen about the immediate need for believers to ramp up their spiritual discernment before they run the risk of being deceived. The main ways that believers are being drawn into or distracted oftentimes by all the wrong things are through misinformation, misrepresentation, and manipulation of information. There is a Luciferian Agenda that is in full swing and they are not shy about what they wish to accomplish in order to gain the whole world for the wrong side. Also discussed – the good, bad and ugly of Ai. JB brings his wealth of information to help us stay awake, as so many continue to hit the snooze button on their global smoke alarm.