Carl Teichrib: Transformers of the Culture – More Than Meets the Eye

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Burning Man, Christianity, Deception, New World Order, One world religion, Paganism, Podcast, Progressive Christianity, Spirit of Antichrist, Worldview | 0 comments

Guest Carl Teichrib is a researcher’s researcher and his eyewitness accounts of transformational festivals such as Burning Man and the recent Parliament of World Religions in Chicago are real time reality checks as to how far gone is the transformation of western culture to a pagan, “oneness” society in which mankind attempts to realize their own ‘godhood’. As “burner” festivals spread around the globe, we can truly see the anti-Christianity of the last days take shape before our very eyes. How can we help the adherents see that they are really searching for the “unknown god” of Acts 17? Mary Danielsen and Carl break down the coming global religion in which the only reality is the subjective one of self.