Jim Fletcher: The Supporting Role of Biblical Archeology; Israel Matters

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Apologetics, Archaeology, Hezbollah, Islam, Israel, Terrorism, war in Israel | 0 comments

Jim Fletcher and Mary Danielsen chat about biblical archeology and why it is both a study of matter,  and how it matters to our faith. Christianity is a historical faith, reflecting and recording real people and real life. As a branch of apologetics, biblical archaeology can provide trustworthy answers to those who say that the bible is just a book of myths and fables. Being as removed as we are from biblical culture, archeology can also provide context to help us better understand the Scriptures themselves. We will also talk Israel matters – because yes indeed, Israel MATTERS.

Jim is a journalist, publisher and Israel expert whose writings can also can be found at Rapture Ready on the Israel Watch page.

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