Terry James: Noah’s Days, Lot’s Days, The Approaching Day

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Christian Church, Christianity, Days of Lot, Days of Noah, Deception, End Times, Podcast, Prophecy, Spirit of Antichrist, Worldview | 0 comments

Mary Danielsen talks with prophecy expert and author Terry James, founder of Rapture Ready ministry. Terry has been coming alongside the church for decades to encourage and exhort believers to look upward, and now more than ever. His soon-to-be-released book, “Nearing Midnight: As it Was in the Days of Lot” helps the reader understand what is the significance of believing that the church’s work on earth is winding to a close. We talk about cultural insanity, evil men and seducers, and why these times are so perilous for the awake, the woke, and the slumbering denier. “Rapture Ready” is a great resource for the believer and has an entire section of updated commentaries called, “Nearing Midnight” as well as headlines and articles from the very best and brightest minds who are watching bible prophecy unfold.

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