Replay – Debbie Wuthnow: Election Transformation Through Ai; Israel War Footing

by | Feb 28, 2024 | AI, Big Tech, Christianity, Deception, Election Fraud, Headlines, Israel, Latest News, Mary Danielsen, Middle East, Podcast, Politics and Faith, Prophecy | 0 comments

[Original airdate: 10/10/23] Mary Danielsen chats with Debbie Wuthnow, president of iVoterguide about the new era of global elections through Ai. There is no doubt that Ai will change elections, but how exactly? iVoter Guide researches thousands of candidates on every governmental level and allows voters to make informed choices according to the issues that are dear to the hearts of believers. As chaotic as election cycles have become, Ai promises to muddy the waters of democratic elections considerably from this time forward.

In the second half of the podcast, we look at the context for today’s war in Israel and why it is so important to stay awake and alert to the developments there.



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