From The Western Journal:

America is facing a trust deficit.

Trust in the media has reached a near-record low. Establishment media organizations face defamation lawsuits for purposely misreporting on innocent people to push a political agenda.

Americans don’t trust health professionals, political leaders, law enforcement or social media, either.

Both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t trust the COVID-19 vaccine when it was being developed under the Trump administration. Today, Republicans tend to be more unwilling to be vaccinated. People won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine even though they’ve gotten every other vaccine because they don’t trust scientists linking up with politicians.

Leftists led the effort to defund the police because they didn’t trust law enforcement. Now, with crime skyrocketing, people don’t trust the leaders who defunded the police. It’s not clear that any of this has improved race relations in America.

Send your children off to school, and you can’t trust that they won’t be indoctrinated with leftist ideals. School board officials claimed critical race theory wasn’t being taught in K-12 schools when parents knew that wasn’t true.

The right doesn’t trust the most recent presidential election results. The left decries any attempt at election reform as a return to the Jim Crow era.

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