Patrick Wood: A Technology Reality Check – The New Reality

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Artificial intelligence, Bible Prophecy, Deception, Discernment, Globalism, Podcast, Reprobate Mind, Spirit of Antichrist, Technocracy | 0 comments

Patrick Wood of and Mary Danielsen discuss the plot twist that is Artificial Intelligence and how quickly it is creating a new reality on earth. Or is it erasing/rebooting/redefining reality? When we no longer can tell what is from the mind of a  human and what is alarmingly fake, we are entering a new phase of existence. AI is replicating itself exponentially mostly thanks to the ground breaking actions of social media, which was just the beginning. And those who are responsible for it’s growth don’t seem to be asking any ethical/moral/philosophical questions about where it’s going. Now that we are addicted to technology, the web has been fully spun.

Patrick has been ahead of the tech curve for many years. As an author, speaker, and economist, he continues to challenge us to think soberly and purposefully about just what it means to live in these times unlike any other in history, largely due to the infrastructure of technology that has been building for many decades.

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