Replay – Juan Valdes: Engaging the Mind in the Pursuit of Truth

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Apologetics, Beliefs, Christianity, Contending for the Faith, Critical Thinking, Juan Valdes, Juan Valdez, Mary Danielsen, Podcast, Renewing the Mind | 0 comments

Juan Valdes (sorry we spelled his last name wrong in the past) of Reasons for Hope ministry joins Mary to discuss the importance of understanding the difference between “what to think” and “how to think”. There is absolute truth, it is not subjective nor does it change with emotions or fads, because it originates from a God who never changes.  Every single day we are told what is “truth” and how to think about endless minutiae. But if we learn HOW to think, it becomes much easier to have a firm foundation to stand upon instead of the shifting sands of the culture. We start to be more discerning and sure of what we believe.  Today’s guest will help us to get the rust and cobwebs out of minds that take in endless questionable sound bytes of culture and look to the Author and Finisher of our faith for our sole source of truth. A worthy challenge for us all.

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