Professor Gershaneck

From what we can find (or not find) this article was posted on a military training website and removed in November, 2023. We did some digging and found a PDF version of that web article. It’s an extremely long read, but I believe it is a great historical document and may help some understand what’s happening here in America from a military history overview. – Crash Connell

Political warfare is not a new phenomenon. Its practice spans thousands of years, and it is not unique to the PRC. Still, the CCP is devilishly good at conducting its own particularly virulent form of it. The PRC version of political warfare poses more than a unique challenge. The Commandant of the Marine Corps identified the PRC as “the long-term existential threat” to the United States. Central to that threat to the United States and its partners and allies is PRC political warfare. With this massive, well-financed capability, the PRC hopes to achieve victory over the United States without actually fighting a kinetic war. In a report to Congress in May 2020, Trump highlighted some of the aspects of this political warfare threat: “Ch*na’s party-state controls the world’s most heavily resourced set of propaganda tools. Be!jing communicates its narrative through state-run television, print, radio, and online organizations whose presence is proliferating in the United States and around the world… (more – click here)


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