Mary Danielsen chats with JB Hixson about the merchandizing of all things evangelical, and how the consumer mentality has radically altered the sights and sounds of how we “do church”.  From the seeker paradigm to use of media in all its forms, the church has been transformed radically in the last 35 years. Are Christians turning a blind eye to what amounts as “influencers” in the pulpit? We also discuss false gospels and the apostasy that goes along with such a carnal mindset. Another topic of the day is a tyrannical agenda spreading around the globe and how the elitist deadlines to rule us all are looming ever larger. Why does 2025 figure prominently in their agenda?  While it’s all on God’s time, nevertheless we know they have been emboldened since 2020 – and who knows what events might trigger the next phase of control. How late is it? Very.


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