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Elijah Abraham: World Governments, Ukraine Refugees, Christian Church

Elijah Abraham shares an update on his recent international travels, his ministry trip to Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, and Geneva. We discuss biblical Christianity, freedom, supporting refugees, and government. We also address troubling narratives being irresponsibly spread regarding alleged Christian nationalism and accusing believers of violence and domestic terrorism.

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Elijah Abraham: Ukraine Refugees, Easter, Americans & the Bible

Elijah shares about his upcoming trip to Ukraine next week to minister and meet needs of refugees there. He will be serving and sharing the gospel as well as bringing much-needed funds for the people. 

We also discuss Easter, the Resurrection, and how churches need to be true to the Scriptures rather than seeker-sensitive; a new poll on the declining Bible-reading habits of Americans, and should we collaborate with people of other religions to do good works?

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Elijah Abraham: Patriots, Persecution, and God’s Promises

Elijah Abraham of Living Oasis ministries shares an update on his recent international travels, training pastors, and theological issues; we also discuss his airline adventures, globalism, growing persecution of Christians, and how a believer can have assurance of salvation. 

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Elijah Abraham: From Iraq to America, From Islam to Christianity

Elijah shares his conversion from committed Muslim to born-again believer in Christ, his life in Iraq, move to America, investigation into world religions, struggle with works-based righteousness, and the difference between biblical Christianity and American Christianity.

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Elijah Abraham: This Is Good And Bad For America, Perspective

We first discuss some positives from the Covid shut-downs, even though many people were affected financially, mentally, or by losing a loved one. Elijah responds to events at the U.S. Capital as well as the Democrat media narratives that have shaped public opinion; we also talk biblical perspective on our role as Christians in society.

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Chris Quintana & Elijah Abraham: Perspective on Covid Fear, Israel Peace Plan

TODAY’S GUESTS: Elijah Abraham and Chris Quintana are in studio to discuss several important topics including how the nation and church have changed since COVID 19. We knew America and the world would never be the same – we just didn’t know exactly how. We also discuss Christian maturity, the importance of uncompromising preaching, and whose lives matter to God.

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